ALROWAD is creating Egypt’s largest network of business professionals and firms. We provide our members with opportunities to learn from Egypt’s leading experts, to share business insights and information, to build professional relationships, and to access business development services. We also provide our members with access to special deals and discounts from our growing list of Egyptian and international partners.

Members of ALROWAD represent all types of organizations, all actively sharing their perspectives, lessons learned, and best practices. We host various events including roundtable discussions which cover case studies, peer reviews, technical training, and introductions to advanced business concepts or tools. ALROWAD is also home to 25+ (and growing!) specialized Professional Communities, described below. Join our knowledgeable and experienced membership to accelerate your professional development.

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Professional Communities (PCs) are vibrant networks of Egyptian professionals who meet regularly both in-person and online. PCs consist of both on-line and in-person information, activities, and events. Each PC includes high-quality tools, resources, and opportunities from a variety of local and international partner organizations. Basic PC membership is free to members, with additional services offered by Community Leaders (CLs) and their partners for a fee. ALROWAD supports CLs in all aspects of launching and leading PCs, and in turning the PCs they lead into profitable and sustainable services; hence, supporting Egyptian businesses to improve and expand. Each PC is owned and operated by the Egyptian CL who creates and leads it as a business opportunity. CLs leverage PCs to demonstrate their expertise and thought leadership to a wide number of Egyptian professionals, and Small and Medium companies, and support these groups (PC members) to grow their businesses. In doing so, CLs also grow their reputations and their companies.

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Waleed Fahmy
Information Technology
Waleed Y. Fahmy (born August 1978) is a UX evangelist and tech entrepreneur. Waleed wrote his first ...more


Noha Fathi
Community Leader, Marketing

Community Leader teams with BLI consulting

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After attending an ALROWAD CLC event, BLI Consulting requested an introduction to The-Marketer.net CEO and Founder, Noha Fathi, who also acts as the CL for the Marketing community. BLI Consulting now intends to propose a consulting project to Ms. Fathi in her area of expertise, and is actively pursuing other business opportunities together. Consulting for BLI would provide Ms. Fathi with considerably increased experience given the relatively larger value, scope, and weight of references that working with such a large company would offer.


  • The IMP³rove - European Innovation Management Academy, non profit (in foundation and currently represented by A.T. Kearney GmbH) www.improve-innovation.eu offers innovation management support services to enterprises, consultants and intermediaries. It also provides financial actors, policy makers and academia with consulting support and technical assistance related to innovation and innovation management. The services include innovation management benchmarking for enterprises, training and certification in innovation management, research on innovation management issues and promotion of best practices in innovation management. With its global network, the IMP³rove Academy has set the standard for innovation management assessment. The IMP³rove - European Innovation Management Academy emerged from the European Union's flagship program "IMP³rove". It was supported by the European Union's Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme and receives continued support by Horizon2020.

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  • The Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) is a public Authority, having a legal status, established in accordance to law 10 of the year 2009.
    The Authority is responsible for supervising and regulating non-banking financial markets and instruments, including the Capital Market, the Exchange, all activities related to Insurance Services, Mortgage Finance, Financial Leasing, Factoring and Securitization. EFSA's role is to regulate the market and ensure its stability and competitiveness to attract more local and foreign investments "The mandate of the Authority also includes limiting inconsistency risks and addressing problems arising from applying different supervisory rules".

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  • Egyptian Institute of Directors (EIoD) is a world class professional Training, Consulting and research center that was established in 2003. The EIoD aims to spread awareness, knowledge and best practices of Corporate Governance in Egypt, MENA Region.
    EIoD mission is to raise awareness and provide world class corporate governance services in Egypt and the MENA region through strategic alliances and supporting regional institutes and corporate governance initiatives.

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  • An Egypt-based daily newspaper that aims to present a diversified media coverage for local & regional economic & financial activities

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  • Social Fund for Development (SFD) mobilizes national and international resources to invest in social development with a priority on job creation through MSEs development and improvement of the quality of life of low-income groups.

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  • The (IAP) programme is an initiative by the Swedish international development cooperation agency (sida), which aims to stimulate entrepreneurs and companies to develop innovative and commercially viable products and services what address the needs of people living in poverty, it was initiated in 2011 and managed by PricewaterhouseCoopers(PwC).

    (IAP) is a global programme that currently has 35 projects in its portfolio, the projects are implemented in 11 countries (mostly in Africa), and the projects are in sectors ranging from health, agriculture and energy to information and communication and finance.
    In order to qualify for funding, the following criteria need to be met: commercial viability, development effect, innovation, minimum of 50% cost-sharing, and additionally (project wouldn’t take place without IAP funds).
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  • Established since 2005, The-Marketer.net is a consultancy firm specialized in providing customized and tailored marketing and management services. Irrelevant of your organization’s size; the firm is driven by the passion of enhancing, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs, start-ups with the same quality provided to the large organizations. Thanks to almost two-decades of experience and practicing; The-Marketer.net ensures a well-networked companies to fulfill client’s needs centered around the different business issues; proud to say that each partner brings a quality to our work fulfilling synergy and excellent accomplishment – resulting that our client smoothly changes to be repetitive account in our credentials.

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  • Egypt IT Events – is the biggest source of IT conferences, IT competitions and IT education programs provided by global corporations as well as specialized training centers and event organizers around Egypt.

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  • The United States has a long history of extending a helping hand to people overseas struggling to make a better life. It is a history that both advances U.S. foreign policy interests as well as reflects the American people's compassion and support of human dignity.

    Following the success of the reconstruction of Europe after World War II through the Marshall Plan and the Truman Administration's Point Four Program -- the 1950 program to engage in technically-based international economic development -- President John F. Kennedy signed the Foreign Assistance Act into law in 1961 and USAID was created by executive order. Since that time, USAID has been the principal U.S. agency to extend assistance to countries recovering from disaster, trying to escape poverty, and engaging in democratic reforms.
    U.S. foreign assistance has always had the twofold purpose of furthering America's interests while improving lives in the developing world. The Agency carries out U.S. foreign policy by promoting broad-scale human progress at the same time it expands stable, free societies, creates markets and trade partners for the United States, and fosters good will abroad.
    Spending less than one-half of 1 percent of the federal budget, USAID works in over 100 countries to: promote broadly shared economic prosperity; strengthen democracy and good governance; improve global health, food security, environmental sustainability and education; help societies prevent and recover from conflicts; and provide humanitarian assistance in the wake of natural and man-made disasters.
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  • The Egyptian Furniture Export Council (EFEC) is an independent entity established by a Ministerial decree as a support to the Furniture Sector that is considered one of the very fast developing industrial sectors in Egypt. It aims to enhance the competitiveness of the Egyptian furniture industry through various services and activities including - but not limited to - offering business strategy consultancy, export opportunities and matchmaking services, updates on export-related regulations and trade agreements, assistance locating and joining international exhibitions, and organizing conferences, training and workshops in collaboration with different local and international experts. EFEC is also working on building the manufacturers' comprehension of the importance of design for the industry development and exports’ growth.

    The Egyptian Furniture industry embraces around 200,000 establishments and a highly productive over one million skilled labor force. Supported by EFEC and the Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry (CWWFI), the sector is still undergoing an aggressive plan to penetrate new markets; while maintaining its current international market share without losing track of the vast growing local market at the moment. Currently, Egypt’s menu doesn’t serve only as a world class exquisite furniture source but also a supplier of global space solutions which includes interior and furniture design, as well as space management.


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  • JOBMASTER is a regional Leader introducing the global approach to human resourcing solutions, with headquarters in Cairo and branches in the Middle East region. Serving both the talented Caliber of the region as well as the employers, we have succeeded in hiring thousands of individuals across the different corporate levels, and delivered empowering consultation services and market insight in Egypt and the GCC countries.

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  • Andalucia is a financial consultancy & investment management boutique that caters to financial,strategic & investment consultancy needs of its clients while maintaining the highest professional & ethical standards with clients, employees & the community.

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  • Passion For Business is a coaching and consulting site, full of great information about starting and growing a business.

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  • The Smart Suite offered by the Egyptian Tax Authority contains five service programs to taxpayers and stakeholders providing special and easy tax services:
    - Income tax statement
    - Sales tax statement
    - Discount & collection of tax account
    - Salary & income tax calculation
    - Taxpayers' query service

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  • The Aberdeen Group conducts primary research studies from a pool of over 500,000 panel participants. The Group has benchmarked the performance of more than 644,000 companies, the results of each research survey indexed and tabulated using a proprietary analytical framework which provides a solid basis for deriving fact-based analysis and findings.

    The Aberdeen Group's research provides specific insight by industry sector, company size, and geography, as well as by job role, business process and technology.

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